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Hi! I'm Artur,
Project Manager and Technology aficionado.
Artur Fabri Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience as a Project Manager, I began my career in software development before moving on to a Big4 company where I could share my love for Project Management. Over time, I’ve dealt with various clients and projects, utilising different tools, software, and processes to manage and report on projects.

Throughout my journey, I’ve always questioned if there’s more to learn and do. That’s why I created PMBeam: to share my experiences and knowledge with others and shed light on new possibilities.

I believe that project management should be an easy and accessible process for everyone.

To achieve this, I am here to share my knowledge in all the different areas of project management, such as Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Integration, Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder. I will use tools like Notion, Monday, ClickUp, Jira, MS Project, Excel, and more to make it more comprehensive. I hope to be a friendly and helpful guide to anyone needing project management assistance.