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The ultimate solution for efficient scope management

Scope Management Template

You can say goodbye to scattered information and hello to complete visibility.
Our template offers a comprehensive overview of all your projects, scope andΒ  requirements, aspects in one convenient view. No more wasting time digging through emails, infinite folders or sifting through various platforms.

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Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and struggling to keep track of all your project requirements? It can be overwhelming and time-consuming, leaving you feeling frustrated and unproductive.

Imagine a world where managing projects, requirements and changes becomes a breeze. You have a clear overview of all your project aspects in one centralised location, enabling you to stay organised and focused. Everything is streamlined, saving you precious time and energy.

Introducing Scope Management Template for Notion!

All projects Timeline view

Ongoing projects

Visualise all your projects is a timeline, allowing you to quickly understand yours projects distribution.

Gantt Chart/Timeline

Visualise your projects activities in a gantt chart with predecessors and successors.

Scope Management Gantt Chart and Timeline
Scope Management Quick Actions

Quick Actions

Easily create new items for your project from any device with the quick actions buttons.

Everything you need for Scope Management

All your projects, charters, requirements, plans and change requests consolidated in one view.

Project Charter
Track each stage of the project charter approval process.
Keep all your business requirements organised with the provided template.
WBS and Plan
Create tasks and sub-tasks and identify task dependencies.
Change Request
Log and monitor all change requests with the provided template.

But what sets this template apart?

Our template provide a visually pleasing interface, but it also offers unparalleled flexibility and customisation options. Every project has the same format. Check inside!

Project information

This is where you can edit your project details like description, status, priority, planned start and end dates, and more.

Quick Actions

Quick action buttons that will create items related to the current project.

Project Charter

List os all charters related to the project.

Change Request

List of all change requests related to the project. Filter by open, in progress and closed.

Business Requirements

List of all requirements related with the project. Filter by Not started, In progress, Blocked and Completed.


Plan activities listed in a table view similar to a WBS structure. View all tasks and milestones for the project.

Gantt Chart

View all activities in a gantt chart style timeline. Create dependencies and blockers. If a activity is delayed, all future activities are also updated.

Due Next

List of all tasks and milestones due on the next week or the next four weeks.

Your questions answered

Common questions
Can I use Notion for Scope Management?

Yes! This Scope Management Template will enable you to track all aspects of your project like Charters, Requirements, Plans and Change Requests.

What do I need to use this template?

The only requirement is to have a Notion account.

If you don't have one, you can create using this link:

What happens after I buy this template?

Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive a welcome email with instructions to access your template.

Can I cancel my purchase?

Yes, you cancel your purchase up until 14 days after your purchase. No questions asked.

What if I have more questions?

You can email us, and we will reply as soon as possible!

Scope Management Template


Your ultimate solution for efficient and comprehensive scope and requirement management. With a user-friendly interface, this template offers a range of features that will revolutionise how you handle charters, requirements, plan and change requests.

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